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The Grasshopper by Anton Chekhov is the second presentation in our series of Page to Stage Theatrical Readings of literary works. 


The Grasshopper is considered one of Chekhov's most autobiographical works and caused a scandal in Moscow's literary and art world when it was published. 

  The Grasshopper

    by Anton Chekhov


Dymov, a doctor, is a simple man of science. His new bride, Olga Ivanovna loves beauty, excitement and gaiety. At first their life together is blissfully happy. He loves her for her artistic nature. She loves his kindness and good sense.


But when a handsome and famous artist takes Olga under his wing, things begin to unravel.

4 Nights Only!


February 5, - 8, 2020 @ 8pm

Tarragon Theatre, WorkSpace

30 Bridgman Ave

Box Office: 416 - 531- 1827

Tickets $18


Directed by: Susan Coyne

Cast: Nancy Palk, Kelly Penner,

Rena Polley, David Storch

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