Readings of Chekhov Shorter Stories  

During our collective confinement, we might come to cherish and even celebrate our quiet time and the expanse of our imagination.

With this in mind, we thought it would be fun to record some of Chekhov's shorter stories and send them out over the next little while.

The Student is the second offering in our series of recorded Chekhov shorter stories. 


Set on Good Friday, The Student is the story of a young seminary student who discovers how the past continues to affect the present. It is one of Chekhov’s most optimistic tales about connection and hope.

Joseph Ziegler, celebrated Canadian actor, reads The Student. 
We have deliberately kept it modest; 

a short story, a storyteller, and a phone microphone, recorded in one take. 

We will one day recover our freedoms and the world will be ours to roam in once more.

In the meantime enjoy this simple tale.

This Weeks Reading

Joseph Ziegler reads The Student
00:00 / 09:37

Past Readings

Susan Coyne reads A Work of Art
00:00 / 11:04
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